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Why not automate the process and avoid the pain of planning?

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Using CompareRoute API

CompareRoute API details

The CompareRoute API offers developers an easy way to utilize CompareRoute's service, you can integrate service into your development environment or into your application.

The API key is part of the URL. A request can be made either by HTTP or by HTTPS.

Example URL:


Required Parameters for API

Parameter Name Parameter Value Example
userId Client username
keyId Key ID 4db04e96fb6becab8959918fee80560d1ddb177109dcd5a5

Note that the Key ID is made up of 48 characters that can be found in the details in API details.

API Access URL

The base URL for the CompareRoute API request for each type of optimization

Type of Optimization API URL HTTP Request
Route for Multiple Truck api/multi_truck/v1 POST
Route by Maximize Truck Capacity api/truck_capacity/v1 POST
Consolidated Delivery for Multiple Companies api/multiple_companies/v1 POST


The CompareRoute API use HTTP Basic Access Authentication as its authentication mechanism. Use your e-mail address as the username and the API key as the password. You can generate or view your API key at the API Key box at the top of the page.

Your API Details

An API key is needed to use the CompareRoute REST API.

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